Welcome to SecureMe-WinSec!

A User-friendly approach to PC Security & Management.

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Welcome to SecureMe-WinSec!

Luke Dinkler started this project as a part of a Cyber Defense Competition of which I was a part, and it evolved into an idea: We live in a world where a lot of people have computer problems. One big reason for this is that most people don’t know how to properly manage and protect their computers. That is why we developed this piece of software. We want to give everyone an easy way to manage and secure their desktop or laptop PCs.

It’s Geared towards Grandpa.

We all know that person who can’t use a computer to save their life. Well, the clean, easy-to-navigate UI of SecureMe should allow and empower even them to keep their computer in check.

Full PC Management and Security:

SecureMe allows anyone to manage all the important aspects of their computer. Management options include: Processes, Services, Software Packages, Ports, and more. Right off the bat, SecureMe gives you two options for automatically securing your computer: Full and Basic Secure. Basic Secure should be enough to ensure that your computer fixes the major vulnerabilities, but if you want more, Full Secure will lock down your computer standards to (practically) government standards. Additionally, another option, “Manual Secure”, allows you to patch/secure individual things from a list.


Looking for the latest release?

For now, releases are being hosted by GitHub (and I’m open to anyone who would like to contribute), so click here to download the latest & greatest: https://github.com/lukedinkler/SecureMe-Windows/releases

Support or Contact:

Any problems with the software or simply suggestions for new updates? Simply contact Luke at daydreampublic@gmail.com, and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can!